Let’s get to know each other! Meeting your pooch is a very important first step in our friendship. During this visit we’ll get to know some more information about you and your pets needs and tailor a plan to bring on-board our new pack member.

Dog Walking

Small group walk (MAX 4 Dogs) No more long ruff days!
1 full hour walk: exercise, playtime and some socialising for your furry friend.

Solo Dog Walking

Maybe your pooch prefers some one-on-one attention or isn’t quite comfortable in a group setting. For the lone wolf, we offer solo walks to make sure your dog gets the exercise AND attention they need.

Pet Visits

Ideal for puppies, that aren’t quite ready to walk with the group or even the older dog who might not be able to keep up on a longer walk – these short visits are a great way to ensure your pet is fed, get’s out in the garden for a toilet break or can even incorporate a short walk around the block to stretch their legs.

Other Pets

Not only for dogs, this pet visit can accommodate other animal care needs upon request – I have experience in caring for small pets/corn snakes/budgies/rabbits – Feel free to get in touch!

Home Boarding – Available Soon

Short-Term Boarding: This can include day boarding and overnight – an “at home” experience filled with love and plenty of attention for your fur baby. Treated like my own, you can rest assured that while you’re away for a few nights/at a wedding or even just working over-time at the weekend your best furry friend will be treated like royalty in a safe and loving environment.

Pet Taxi

We all know not everyone has their own transport and not everyone’s pets are comfortable when using public transport – let us help! We can get your pet (and you, if accompanying) to and from veterinary appointments/grooming appointments etc.

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